School Hostel Uniform

Uniforms play a big role in lending children and youth a sense of belonging to a school. At Ghanshaym selection, we recognize the importance of high-quality school uniforms that cater to the different needs of various education bodies in the school. Our uniforms are made of durable and superior-quality cotton fabrics that can meet the customization requirements of any school. In addition, we pay close attention to uniform design in order to produce neat and wearable garments.

we believe in supplying the best possible quality at very competitive prices. We have flexible approach to customer service and supplying excellent quality products. Uniform manufactures has assortment of various attires for school uniforms which is brilliantly tailored with the combination of fresh and attractive colors and styles with flexibility of wearing and washing.

Ghanshyam selection are experts in following attires:

• School uniform as per school approval
• School tie with school logo and design
• school belt with school patterns and color
• School socks with school color name and logo
• Sports T-shirt and track with school patterns and design
• Blezer coat with school color and patterns
• Logo development with school color and patterns
• School bag design K.G & primary
• School shoes
• Hostel uniform full set
• Night suit
• Towels
• Napkins
• Bed sheets white & color
• Pillow cover white & color
• Pillow cotton & nylon material
• Cap with school logo & patterns
• School staff uniform